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Application: Alissa and Ferinus

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Application: Alissa and Ferinus Empty Application: Alissa and Ferinus

Post  Alissa on Wed Dec 30, 2009 9:09 pm

As you might have understood from the title this application is double due to same charateristics of both of us , pretty much we're the same Smile .
Where Are you From : Greece.
How Old Are You : Both 18 years old.
How Long Have Been Playing L2 : Probably since C1 back around then I didnt know about chronicles I just played what I had Smile .
Tell Us Some of The Servers You played on : Retail , Random Greek Low Rate Servers , L2 Reloaded and lots of l2off interlude servers such as Renewal , Dust etc .
Are you Active?How many hours per day : Yes , I dont count the hours I spend on the pc but generally we are kinda no-lifes .
Can you Use Ventrilo : Yes we can .
On What Class You're Good at : Well we both play every class there is , but what we're really good at is what our main chars are , Bishop (Alissa) , Archer (Ferinus) we've played tons of organised pvp on those classes.
Do You Speak Decent English : More than decent I believe .
Do You Know How To Assist : If by assist u mean mold to the needs of the clan or help others , then yes we can .
Why you want to join us : We both like organised pvp , something we saw u doing really well on the siege fraps .


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Application: Alissa and Ferinus Empty RE

Post  KenShiro on Wed Dec 30, 2009 9:36 pm

Both Accepted!Welcome

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