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Application: Shinoda

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Application: Shinoda Empty Application: Shinoda

Post  Shinoda on Tue Dec 29, 2009 2:41 pm

I thought Id give it a try, I recently joined Dismay after taking a little recess from L2, played Jade Dynasty and left it at lvl 110. Need a clan to have fun with, most of my old pals arent playing L2 anymore, some of them I dont have their MSN, etc. Here goes my application.

Where Are you From : Venezuela.

How Old Are You : 22 Years Old

How Long Have Been Playing L2 : Since C2 Lionna, probably 4 and a half years.

Tell Us Some of The Servers You played on : Retail Lionna, after that mostly OFF servers, like xtreme, revenge, ES, gold, etc. Last one before dismay was Renewal.

Are you Active?HOw many hours per day : I can play about... 10 hours a day, weekends about 6 since Im mostly spending time with friends/family. Whats important is, Ill almost always attend Epics/Sieges, I can work myself and find the time for it, as long as I get the exact time before hand.

On What Class You're Good at : My forte has to be Overlord definitely, Ill try to have one on Dismay too, though the first char I made is a Warlord, which is the class I like to use at sieges, as well as assisting archer. I can play basically anything and can mold myself to what the clan needs.

Do You Speak Decent English : My english is quite good despite the fact that I never had any english lessons or anything but I lived in England for a couple of years when I was 11.

Why you want to join us : As I said above, I no longer have a crew to play with, most guys left and I only get the real experience by playing with a clan, using ventrilo, etc, its way more fun to play like that. If you think I might be a choice for your clan, you can find me on MSN, I already sent you (Kenshin) my msn as a PM or ingame on the nick Shinoda.


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Application: Shinoda Empty RE

Post  KenShiro on Tue Dec 29, 2009 4:08 pm

Accepted!Welcome to our family Laughing

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