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Application: LiquidCocaine

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Application: LiquidCocaine Empty Application: LiquidCocaine

Post  LQ on Tue Dec 29, 2009 3:09 pm

I'm not very good in writting applications, so I'll just fill the one which is given as an example

Where Are you From : ? Greece, Athens
How Old Are You : ? 16
How Long Have Been Playing L2 : ? 4-5 years
Tell Us Some of The Servers You played on : ? L2Extreme, L2IaGaming, L2Dust, L2EuroWorld, L2Gold, Official, L2LovelyAden, L2Ossiris
Are you Active?HOw many hours per day : ? 3H at least
Can you Use Ventrilo : ? Yeap
On What Class You're Good at : ? Bishop, Warlord, Titan, Overlord, Paladin
Do You Speak Decent English : ? I think I do, rofl.
Why you want to join us : ? I was lookin' on forum for an English Speakin' clan, and I guess you were the first I saw so I decided to Join
Also I play as Warlord atm, 1 day IG, name LiquidCocaine


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